WIP-2016-1203 Experimental Song
One-Sided, Single Minded Experimental Song
WIP-2016-0603 Miscellaneous Loop
Miku's BUSTAH WOOF Comedy Voice
WIP-2016-0820 Experimental Loop
ShootingStar (Instr.) Trance Song
WIP-b-side_ft_miku Experimental Song
WIP-2016-0109 Trance Loop

2015 Submissions

Endless Obscurity (ft. Miku) Pop Song
going nowhere (ft. Miku) R&B Song
Velveteen Bestfriend (ft. Miku) Pop Song
Endless Obscurity (Instr) Pop Song
going nowhere (Instr) R&B Song
Velveteen Bestfriend (Instr) Pop Song
vgm_suspense_01 Miscellaneous Loop
Dance of Dragons Video Game Loop
Midnight Mind Racer (ft. Miku) Miscellaneous Song
re:valid8me Miscellaneous Song
bORDERS (Re:Mix) Trance Song
wip-netbattle Video Game Song
RM.EXE - Re:WINNER!_loop Video Game Loop
RockMan.EXE - Re:WINNER! Video Game Song
WIP-All Day All Night Techno Loop
diagosis-love-reprise Miscellaneous Song
vgm_mood_01 Video Game Loop
vgm_melancholy_02 Video Game Loop
vgm_melancholy_01 Video Game Loop
vgm_happy_02 Video Game Loop
vgm_happy_01 Video Game Loop
diagosis:L.O.V.E.? (Instr) House Song
WIP-1212c-1 Miscellaneous Song
polaroid Dance Song
I AM OK!? (ft. Miku) Techno Song
vocalize (ft. Miku) Dance Song
refractions (Instr.) Miscellaneous Song
re:valid8me (Instr.) Techno Song
vocalize (Off Vocal) Dance Song
I AM OK!? (Off Vocal) Dance Song
FotNS - 1st Big Brawl Miscellaneous Song
WIP-2014-0714 Dance Song
WIP-2014-0629 Miscellaneous Loop
WIP-2014-0610a Miscellaneous Loop
From Man to Moe Comedy Voice
Even If I'm Imaginary (Long) Dance Song
Even if I'm a RetroMix Video Game Song
WIP-2010-1118 Miscellaneous Loop
WIP-2013-0318 Miscellaneous Song
turn it off. (Instr.) Dance Song
2012-0911 Miscellaneous Song
WIP-2013-1024 Techno Loop
Under Siege (Instrumental) Cinematic Song
Fallin' Miscellaneous Song
WarpStar (Retro Mix) Video Game Loop
Midnight Mind Racer (Retro Mix Video Game Song
Chase the Dawn Techno Song
Midnight Mind Racer (Instr.) Techno Song
Even if I'm Re-Imagined Dance Song
Looking Glass Self Miscellaneous Song
Dance A Tutorial Dance Song
Read A Tutorial Miscellaneous Loop
EvenifI'mRe-Imagined_Loop Dance Loop
CoMPLeX CiRCuiT (Classic) Drum N Bass Song
LR-Longing (Off Vocal) Pop Song
Walking Snake Video Game Loop
Orient Excita. OlskoolMix Video Game Loop
Orient Excitamentum Miscellaneous Song
turn it off. Dance Song
WIP-2013-0424b Dance Loop
Even if I'm... a Remix? Dance Song
Under the Moon and Stars Ambient Song
October Snow House Song
X4 - Iris Dies Miscellaneous Song
H.R.Sat. (Olskool Mix) Video Game Loop
HomeRun Satellite Trance Song
Pacemaker Trance Song
Turn it off (Olskool Mix) Video Game Loop
Keys to Doorframe of Mind Miscellaneous Song
Stood Up (Instr.) Miscellaneous Song
Your/My/Our Thing (Instr) Dance Song
Missing Piece (Instr.) Nerdcore Song
Polaroid (Off Vocal) Dance Song
refractions (Simply Keys) Classical Song
Chase the Dawn (RetroMix) Video Game Loop
Runnin' Round (Off Vocal) Dance Song
Our Thing (Retro Mix) Video Game Loop
ShootingStar (Olskool Mix) Video Game Loop
refractions (Retro Mix) Video Game Loop
ShootingStar Dance Song
What did you expect? Dance Song
bORDERS (feat. Miku) Dance Song
bORDERS (Off Vocal) Dance Song
bORDERS (Olskool Mix) Video Game Song
tOUCH tHERE (Off Vocal) Dance Song
Polaroid (Piano Mix) Dance Song
MetalMan in World II Video Game Song
Cover - don't say "Lazy" Pop Song
Catrap - Catboy theme Techno Song
valid8me (Olskool Mix) Video Game Song
Keys to... (Dance Mix) Dance Song
valid8me Techno Song
Fire Away (Instrumental) Pop Song
d-stress (Off Vocal) Dance Song
What it Takes... (Instr.) Miscellaneous Song
Wednesday (NerdcoreInstr) Funk Song
Warm Cold Shoulder Classical Song
Restless Ruckus Classical Song
Enter the Hero (FamiMix) Video Game Song
get bent SPACE-TIME Miscellaneous Song
Heather (Ext.NL Mix) Techno Song
A Selfish Request (Instr) R&B Song
Even if I'm... (Instr.) Dance Song
Even if I'm Imaginary Dance Song
Even if... (Remix,Instr.) Techno Song
Enter the Hero Techno Song
Badguy Bangin' Beat 8-Bit Video Game Song
warm heart in winter... Ambient Song
Wednesday (Off Vocal) Dance Song
At the edge of tension Video Game Song
CoMPLeX CiRCuiT Ambient Song
wakeup2U Techno Song
Even Heroes... (Instr.) R&B Song
inter-stellar comm. Ambient Song
Travel Trance Trance Song
midNight Bounce Dance Song
A Retro Hero's Return Video Game Song
let's BUMP! this Dance Song
memory of family Hip Hop - Modern Song
It's a new day Video Game Song
A dramatic confrontation Video Game Song