Entry #1

Hello, hello, it's a new world.

2012-05-08 06:23:32 by akiTONE

Can't believe it took me so damn long to make an account here.

Why, I remember back when Kev-Dawg was still doin' Electronica, and Egoraptor was a cameo at the Sinister 6!

... I bet you whippersnappers don't know what I'm talking about do 'ya?!</oldmanrambling>

Jokes aside, now that I can finally contribute something, I figured it was time I finally signed on. By the way, the actual stylization is "(Un)BalNz'D", but the rules of the internet dislike my handle; It's pronounced like the word "unbalnced".


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2012-11-23 15:05:24

First Contact: Misty.

akiTONE responds:

My first time is with jailbait?

This isn't going to end well.


2013-04-25 06:20:56

Welcomeback! I've been prenouncing it "Unballzed" in my head till I read this, I shall correct myself now, cheers! :D


2014-07-19 21:22:40

Keep up the awesome work dude!